Seis Casitas

“Over the past few years I have rented at two different locations from Steven and Dave, and each time I have been impressed by the level of care and attention that they put into crafting each individual unit. That same care extends to their tenants as well. They have always been reasonable, honest and straightforward in their dealings with me as well as quick to respond to whatever concern I have had. It has been their compassion as well as their love of their buildings and the people who rent from them that have set them above and beyond any landlord expectations. I have been very lucky in my life since I've moved to Portland, and I know that a great deal of that blessing is having such a beautiful space to live in.”
-Laura Kaufman, Seis Casitas

“Over the last year we have had a great experience living here at Seis Casitas. Steve and Dave have made every effort to make living here as easy and comfortable as possible. Any issue we have had here has been resolved within a day. As a tenant it is refreshing to have landlords that are as accessible and friendly as Portland Historic Properties. We love the place and plan on staying here for a long time to come.”
-David Boyer, Seis Casitas

The Belmont

“Steven, and Dave create the most cozy atmosphere for an apartment building with quality rejuvenation and sweet finishing touches, you can feel the amount of love they put into their places! And they always find a great way to surprise the tenants and make us feel special. It is much appreciated. When I saw the holiday decorations and Christmas tree they put-up in the building, it made me wish my boyfriend was more like my landlords!”
-Anna Sundholm, The Belmont

“Steven and Dave are attentive and available landlords, easy to reach, quick to reply, and always honest and helpful. Their pride in their properties is evident in the frequent small (and large) improvements which seem to magically appear in the building, such as extra storage units in the basement or new lockers to tidy up the laundry room. One unique aspect of Steven and Dave's landlording style is how they encourage their tenants to really consider themselves part of the neighborhood. This year, not only did Steven and Dave email all the tenants a reminder about the nearby Portland Nursery's annual apple tasting, they also left gift bags of apples at our apartment doors. I'm pleased to recommend them as thoughtful and trustworthy landlords.”
-Wendy Mertl, The Belmont

“What I love about living at The Belmont is the fact that I feel happy coming home every day. The lobby is clean, doors are secure, and the owners are quick to acknowledge any building related needs we may have. They even installed lockers for secure and organized laundry storage! I am grateful to be a tenant of Steven Marks, please keep it up!”
-Raymi Taylor, The Belmont

Mt. Tabor Garden Apartments

“I loved living at Mt. Tabor Gardens, the building was well taken care of and the apartments are adorable; updated but still with vintage charm. Steve and Dave were very easy to get ahold of, and always addressed any issues quickly and professionally. Not to mention they were so darn nice. Dave helped me when I locked my keys in my (oops!) Great place to live, highly recommended.”
-Leah Krafft, Mt. Tabor Gardens

“Steven and Dave really care about the properties they own and the people who call their properties home. They have always been quick to respond to any requests for maintenance, and they always consider suggestions from tenants as to how to improve the community at Mt. Tabor Gardens. For example, they recently installed bike racks in the basement for bike storage (we are right on several bike routes so there are lots of bikes in the basement!) At Mt. Tabor Gardens, I love springtime because that means I get to see my neighbors more often while we work on our vegetable gardens. I also love the proximity to both Mt. Tabor and Clinton Park and feel like both are an extension of my back yard. Steven and David are really in touch with the Mt. Tabor Gardens community and that makes it really feel like home.”
-Anne Fletcher, Mt. Tabor Gardens